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CrossFit class is an hour-long, coach-instructed class that teaches you how to perform every-day functional movements safely and effectively. Each day you attend, you will complete our WOD (workout of the day) alongside some of the most fun and inspiring members of our tribe. Our classes and community are what separates us from the other gyms you may have tried in the past. We believe that no alternative training style prepares you to take on the world as CrossFit does. Fitness is a key that unlocks the door to more experiences, we want to help you to participate in your own life actively, and CrossFit is the way to do it! 



Our Hatchet Class is for any CrossFitter out there who's looking for a little bit more than the traditional sixty-minute CrossFit Class. The CrossFit enthusiast will find the extra thirty-minutes with our fantastic staff as an excellent opportunity to rapidly accelerate their progress. The additional thirty-minutes provides the opportunity for supplemental strength work, gymnastics practice, conditioning, or a mix of all three. If you love CrossFit Class and want just a bit more, come check out our Hatchet Class!



Engine Class is one of our specialty classes, meaning it focuses on a specific type of training. The focus of our engine classes is building your "engine." Your "engine" is what allows your body to stay moving through short, medium, and long workouts. Put plainly; Engine Class will help you improve your conditioning via running, rowing, biking, and skiing. CrossFit Class experience is not necessary to participate in our Engine Class. If you love cardio-based classes, Engine Class is for you!


Open Gym

Our gym becomes your gym. Inquire via e-mail for open gym availability during daytime.

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We are always running morning and evening groups. E-mail to snag your spot in our next group.

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