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Be Like Becky!

Mom & Mollie!

Becky has been a member of Misfit Gym Portland for two years; she joined in January of 2018. Becky, one of our most dedicated members, is a staple of our jam-packed 6 AM Misfit Gym CrossFit class. If you stroll in for one of those early morning classes, it's hard to miss her, she's brimming with energy and is one of the most out-going and friendly members at our box (nickname for our gym). A little over halfway through

The healing process for new moms, on average, takes between six and twelve months. During this period, the body is desperately trying to "restore order" back to pre-pregnancy life. This period causes changes in flexibility, stamina, strength, balance, and coordination as the new mom returns to "her old self." CrossFitters are known for wanting to train hard and resting very little. Rehabbing from pregnancy is very similar to rehabbing from an injury, but the main difference is the feeling. Most moms do not necessarily feel "injured," but instead feel "different." For this reason, returning to full activity can feel very strange. The two areas that are most drastically affected are the pelvic floor and the abdominal region, which become the principal focus when "rehabbing" post-partum.

No Tenting!!!

Two prevalent postpartum symptoms moms experience when exercising is pelvic floor dysfunction (lacking the ability to "hold it") and diastasis recti (excessive ab separation leading to "tenting"). The movements that can be the most challenging postpartum are jumping, going overhead, and hanging from a pull-up bar. These movements severely challenge the body's own ability to stabilize core muscles and as a result, typically cause pelvic floor dysfunction and tenting. Becky told us she was experiencing these less-than-desirable symptoms and was adamant that she wanted to feel like herself. Working with a BirthFit Coach and our coaching staff, she was able to formulate an appropriate rehabilitation program that would help her avoid unnecessary tenting. Becky worked with our coaching staff to receive feedback about the technique of her postpartum rehab exercises. In doing so, she rapidly accelerated her recovery, allowing her to feel like her old self, faster.

The Whole Misfit Fam!

Through her dedication to her rehab, along with avoiding the dreaded "tenting," she has had some recent huge postpartum PRs (personal records). Recently Becky has been able to return to overhead movements and hanging from the pull-up bar, which only a few weeks ago was causing tenting. Becky has set the example of what it's like to be a mom who does CrossFit. We are so damn proud of the example she has set for the other new-moms at Misfit Gym! Way to go, Becky!

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