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Using Personal Training to your Advantage!!

I’m sure you would all agree that nothing is more exhilarating in the gym than doing something you’ve never done before. As a coach, nothing hits me "in the feels" harder than seeing you all do something you've never done before. Hitting a new weight on your back squat, getting your first pull up, or even running your first 800m without stopping are all amazing feats that can add fuel to your training fire.

LET'S GO!!!!

However, as you continue to train, the novice effect (AKA Beginner Gains) becomes smaller and smaller as your fitness improves. Soon you will start to notice that your PRs don’t come as often and it feels like you need to work harder and harder to do new things. Guess what, that’s normal. There is a multitude of reasons why you may be struggling to hit new PRs. Consistency, your technique or other lifestyle factors (sleep, diet, stress, etc) may be the cause, but oftentimes, it’s nothing more than very specific practice under the watchful eye of a coach. While classes are still the absolute best way to get a great workout, practice the dozens of movements CrossFit has to offer and is the most fun way to get in shape, personal training with a coach allows for more specific and direct practice.

Amanda, a stalwart at 6 AM, found herself wanting to check-off a major movement of the CrossFit “bucket-list”, the muscle-up. Amanda reached out to us inquiring about personal training sessions and immediately set one up. During these sessions, Amanda was given a very specific movement-centric warm-up, movement-specific drills, as well as feedback on her movement. Following her sessions, Amanda was given “homework”, a list of drills and skills to practice, to complete 2 - 3 days per week on her own. After completing two sessions and a handful of weeks working on the skill and drills, here is the result:

So, if you find yourself in the same situation, frustrated by being “stuck” or simply looking to get extra attention on ANY of your movements, a few 30 - 60 minute PT sessions could be all you need to check that item or items off your CrossFit Bucket List. If you’re interested, talk to your coaches or email Coach Sherb ( to set up a session!

Keep Training!

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