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Hatchet Class is for YOU!

As I'm sure many of you know, we have a class on our schedule called "Hatchet". Unlike the more obviously-named-classes such as "Beginners," "Engine," and "Oly," which describe precisely either the type of athletes in the class OR what the course focuses upon, "Hatchet" may not be so obvious. Our Hatchet Class has two primary focuses.

The first is providing more opportunities for you all to train. Hatchet Class runs five days per week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. The weekday options are at 3:30PM, and the weekend option is at 8AM. For a lot of our members who take Hatchet, most cite the earlier class time as the driving force as to why they attend the class. The ability to make a class that is done before "dinner time" allows for people to train in the evening, but still have a regular social schedule of work, gym and then dinner/family time in the evening.

The other driving force behind our Hatchet Class is to offer the opportunity for you to train at a slightly higher volume than our traditional 60-minute CrossFit class. For many of you, taking CrossFit class for 60-minutes probably feels like more than enough, but for some, who want a little bit more from their CrossFit class, Hatchet is what you're looking for. Our typical CrossFit class has two components to it, typically gymnastics skill work, lifting, or accessory work alongside a MetCon (the part that makes you breathe heavy). The Hatchet Class follows a similar structure but typically includes one additional component, as in an extra lift, conditioning piece, skill session, or accessory work. However, contrary to what you may believe, the third piece is 100% optional. For many of our Hatchet Class attendees, the third piece is too much volume and is not necessary for a good training session. It is important to us that you understand that you only have to participate in as much or as little of that class as you'd like, and many athletes elect to cool down and stretch at the end of class, rather than adding extra volume.

Whether you're looking for extra training in your sessions or merely another opportunity to train at an earlier time in the day, we assure you that Hatchet is right for you and we hope to see you in a Hatchet Class soon!


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